Talking Tough with Reed Low

Click here to purchase a table for the Talking Tough Event

Talking Tough

Click here to purchase a table for the Talking Tough Event

Message from Reed

Nothing better than helping out fellow hockey players in need. I was blessed to join this charity 3 years ago and worked with them ever since! We will continue to drive the St. Louis branch and gain awareness so we can continue to help more people with severe life-altering life circumstances.

This is an event added to the already sold-out Jonny O's DAWG Nation Winter Classic 4v4 hockey tourney at Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park! Come check out the weekend and watch some great hockey!

We are honored and humbled to be putting on this event for the DAWG Nation family. How often do you get to listen to 4 generations of St. Louis Blues enforcers?

This is a small intimate event in the clubhouse at the highlands beside the rink.

Only 14 tables with 8 seats are available and 6 are already sold!

If you're interested in assisting a great cause, but unable to attend or want to make an impact, there are other sponsorships available as well on the link below:

DAWG Nation Winter Classic

Click here to purchase a table for the Talking Tough Event

Event Details

- Round table with St.. Louis Blues Alumni discussing NHL enforcers

- Introduction to the DAWG Nation mission

- Live Auction

- DAWG Nation special presentation

- All tables include hors d'oeuvres and open bar

- Contact Corey for more information, sponsorships, or if you would like to purchase a table with a check at 314.724.1596

- Featuring a discussion with members of the U.S. Blind Hockey Team!

US Blind Hockey

DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation

DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to providing opportunities for persons with and without disabilities to gain confidence and independence through participation in national and international amateur ice hockey events and to support local, national, and international amateur ice hockey players and their families in times of crisis.

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